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TOEFL Speaking 1, 1-10

  Q1 Plus11

Some people like to work independently and enjoy more freedom, while others like to have a supervisor to tell them what to do. Which do you prefer? Why?

  • 2019 September Question
  Q1 Plus1

If you are going to choose a new roommate, which of the following qualities do you think is the best: (1) quietness, (2) friendliness, (3) cleanliness?

  • 2019 September Question
  Q1 Plus12

Some people prefer to go to the museum with their friends or colleagues, while others prefer to go alone. Which one do you prefer and why?

  • 2019 September Question
  Q1 Plus02

Is it better to praise good behavior or criticize a bad one?

  • 2019 September Question
  Q1 Plus13

Should parents discourage children from choosing a particular major that they may be competitive have difficulty finding future employment with?

  • 2019 September Question
  Q1 Plus05

Some individuals prefer to do shopping in large grocery stores or department stores. Others prefer small local stores or convenience stores. Which one do you prefer and why? Use specific reasons and examples to support your response.

  • 2019 September Question
  Q1 Plus14

To promote academic success, your university is considering a new policy that would limit the number of hours per week that students can spend working at university jobs. Do you think is a good idea? Explain why or why not, using specific examples and details in your response.

  • 2019 September Question
  Q1 Plus03

Do you agree or disagree that parents should teach their kids to be independent at an early age?

  • 2019 September Question
  Q1 Plus15

Some people think that students should be required to pass a physical exam to graduate. Do you think it’s a good idea? Please give your reasons.

  • 2019 September Question
  Q1 Plus04

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: It is disrespectful for tourists to take photos of strangers without their permission.

  • 2019 September Question
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