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  • TOEFL Speaking Question 1

    TOEFL Speaking Question One

    The Independent Task 1 questions are based on personal choice, the most common question style is paired choice A or B question: it gives you two options. Make your stand and give your opinions with supporting details.

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  • TOEFL Speaking Question 2

    TOEFL Speaking Question Two

    The Integrated Task 2 questions are about campus announcement, first you will read a short announcement, article or letter. Then you will hear two students talking about the announcement. Your task is to summarize what you have read and listened to.

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  • TOEFL Speaking Question 3

    TOEFL Speaking Question Three

    The Integrated Task 3 questions are about lecture on academic topics, first you will read a short article. Then you will hear a lecture that explain the topic using either one or two examples. Finally, you will be asked to summarize the reading and lecture.

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  • TOEFL Speaking Question 4

    TOEFL Speaking Question Four

    For The Integrated Task 4 questions, you will listen to a short lecture about some academic term, concept or process. After, you will be asked a specific question that requires you to mostly summarize the lecture.

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TOEFL Speaking Questions

Over 400+ plus iBT-like TOEFL Speaking questions for you to prepare for your test

  • TPO Plus 14 – Task 1
Should Student Work Hours Be Regulated?
  • Education ,Laws/Regulations
  • TPO Plus 13 – Task 1
Should Parents Have a say in College Major Choices?
  • Education ,Family
  • TPO Plus 12 – Task 1
Is Visiting the Museum Alone or with a Companion Better?
  • Entertainment ,Friends
  • TPO Plus 11 – Task 1
Is Working Independently or Under Supervision Better?
  • Work
  • TPO Plus 10 – Task 1
Should You Travel to Many Places or Few Places on Vacation?
  • Travel
  • TPO Plus 37

Many universities now offer academic courses over the Internet. However, some people still prefer learning in traditional classrooms. Which do you think is better? Explain why.

  • M.TPO 105 – Task 1 (Need Attention)
What are Pros and Cons of Students Evaluating Teachers?
  • Education
  • TPO Plus 7 – Task 1
Are Large Department Stores or Small Specialty Stores Better?
  • Shopping
  • TPO Plus 8 – Task 1
Should you Stay in Touch when Traveling?
  • Family ,Friends ,Travel
  • TPO Plus 9 – Task 1
Should You Make Appearance Changes?
  • Health
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