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  • TPO Plus 24 – Task 1

Do you think participating in dangerous outdoor activities such as rock-climbing is a brave or foolish behavior? State your opinion and explain why.

  • Sports
  • TPO Plus 23 – Task 1

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People should not interrupt others when they are expressing their opinions. Please state your reasons。

  • Education
  • TPO Plus 21 – Task 1

Do you agree or disagree that holding different opinions can hurt a friendship? State your opinion and explain why.

  • Friends
  • TPO Plus 22 – Task 1

Some people think they should learn mathematics in school, while others think they should learn mathematics at work. Which do you prefer?

  • Education
  • TPO Plus 20 – Task 1

Do you agree or disagree with the statement: we should always be honest with our friends?

  • Friends
  • TPO Plus 19 – Task 1

Do you agree or disagree that keeping pets is good for children?

  • Children
  • TPO Plus 18 – Task 1

Do you believe parents should not be allowed to see children’s grades without their permission?

  • Education
  • TPO Plus 17 – Task 1

Would you choose to study at a school with a broad education or at a school that only focuses on specific courses related to your major?

  • Education
  • TPO Plus 16 – Task 1

Some secondary schools require every student’s schedule include a study hall, which is a free class period during the school day in which students can do class assignments or rest. Do you think this is a good idea? Why or why not? Use details and experience in your response.

  • Education
  • TPO Plus 15 – Task 1
Should Passing a Student Physical Exam be Required?
  • Psychology
  • Education ,Laws/Regulations
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